Pallet Clearance. Wholesale Deals and Job Lots in UK

We are a UK-based online marketplace specialising in pallet clearance and job lots from manufacturers, import companies, bankruptcy liquidations.

Welcome to Pallet Clearance, a UK-based B2B marketplace offering low-priced, all grades wholesale clearance, surplus stocks, returned products, refurbished or second hand products from bankruptcies and liquidations, ensuring excellent profit margins.

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Wholesale Deals on Pallet Clearance

Buy in bulk from wholesalers and liquidators from the UK

Refurbished Products
Wholesale Deals
Wholesale Clearance of stocks or products at the end of the season
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Wholesale Deals in UK
Surplus Stocks Clerance
Surplus stocks can be listed only by manufacturers and import companies
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Returns Stock Clearance
Returns Clerance
Fancy a pallet of returned products to sell on eBay or Facebook?
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Refurbished Products
Second Hand / Refurbish
We are growing our network of used and refurbished products suppliers
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Combine our platform with Pallets Market and you can change the wholesale industry in your country.
What is is a B2B marketplace platform for wholesale clearance that provides a wide range of products that can mainly be purchased on wholesale quantities as a pallet.
Where do the products come from?
We have four main sources of supply:

There are importers or manufacturers of products that have considerable quantities in stock and are looking to reduce or liquidate their inventory.

When a season ends, products remain in stock from series that can no longer be marketed by certain importers or producers in the following year, they remove these goods for liquidation of stocks.

These products come from stores that have received product returns and do not want to resell them, these products are divided into quality classes to differentiate them from the inspected and functional ones, from the untested ones.

Following the bankruptcy of a company, the liquidators seek to sell a large part of the machinery or stock, which can be refurbished or simply sold as second-hand products.
Who guarantees the quality of the products? operates as a B2B market place with suppliers information and contact details visible, therefore responsibility for products and their quality rests entirely with the supplier.
Who provides the transport service?
Our B2B wholesale clearance platform is connected directly to freight exchange BidTrans, product displayed prices do not include shipping but are automatically calculated at checkout based on your location, the supplier's warehouse location and the quantity of products placed in your cart. and partner platforms have obtained the best shipping prices from BidTrans due to the volumes of goods transported. The vans and trucks of BidTrans carriers come with CMR insurance and experienced drivers who help ensure that your goods are delivered in maximum safety.
Can I become a supplier?
Of course, we are always looking for serious suppliers and products with a good quality-price ratio. If you are a direct importer or manufacturer you can contact us to discuss more about a possible collaboration or you can use this form to sign up. Please note, for legal reasons and to improve our customers' safety, we only work with limited or publicly listed companies, we do not allow self-employed or private individuals to sell on our platform.
Do you also sell to public?
In short, no! is a platform intended exclusively for business-to-business sales, a B2B market place, therefore customers can only be companies or self-employed.

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